A project for teaching, practicing and studying Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga Arona promotes this great discipline for balancing the body and the mind, increasing well-being.

yoga isn’t religion: it is a science that helps us find individual freedom.

the core value behind yoga is non-violence (in any of its forms).

humbleness, respect, listening, seriousness, effort, compassion. these are other values we want to stick to.

it is within these values that we root our asana practice, the postures and exercises that help us purifying, healing and reinforcing our body and nervous system. when we are tuned to a healthy that is strong and flexible we will find easier the comprehension of our behaviour, and we will be able to transform (gradually) ourselves.

focusing on the breath we find the meeting point between mind and body, indivisible and vital aspects of our individuality.

we advice you to approach yoga with an open, kind mind but also with a healthy dose of determination!

we believe that it is important to find our own dimension (within yoga, within the practice, within life) respecting other opinions, versions, ideas. we are here to find the common grounds and not to polarize. this is what guides us in our teaching. yoga is the occasion to know better ourselves and to be better in our relationships with others, we are all one thing.
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“Yoga is not physical training, it is mental clearing”.
Chuck Miller