TIMETABLE 2019-2020

the shala is now open in 3D with some stuff happening in 2D, schedule below.

if you’re a beginner and would like to start (or re-start) to practice we will make room for you in our beginners course, this year we are only taking in new people in September and in October. write us for more info or click here.

mysore style is the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga Yoga: during this shifts the students work on the known portion of the practice, following their own breath; the teacher gives individual attention adjusting and advising personally. the aim of this method is to build and appropriate one’s own practice.

anyone who has memorized the Sun Salutations “A” and “B” (according to the Ashtanga tradition) is able to come to these classes, adding progressively the following postures.

these classes consist of two hours shifts but students will use the effective time needed according to where they are in their practice (it could be 45min or one hour or both hours), without running and with no pressure.

ashtanga basic and intro to Mysore

these classes are addressed to total Ashtanga beginners. the entire standing sequence of the Ashtanga’s Primary Series is covered, plus some sitting and finishing postures and the final savasana.

these lessons are an important and strong base that will allow any student to go deeper and to know the initial bit of the sequence. all students are welcome, advanced or not, we are all beginners!

private classes

these classes are suitable for individuals or small groups that aim to learn privately or that would like to prepare before attending collective classes.

these classes can take place in our space during the hours not taken by the collective classes. they are highly advised for those unable to assist the school classes for different reasons: work, family, shyness, will to prepare before coming to the led classes or simply for those wanting a personalised approach.


it is now common, specially abroad, for enterprises to organize collective yoga classes or other enriching disciplines with classes that take place directly in the workplace during lunch breaks for example. this is very beneficial for the team’s health and efficiency!

useful info:

  • shoes and ego are left on the entrance of our studio.
  • we dress comfortably and lightly.
  • we don’t eat at least for 2 hours before the practice.
  • if we sweat, we bring a towel.
  • phones remain in the changing rooms!
  • the practice rooms should be always quiet.
  • we are not the same so we won’t progress at the same peace, let’s be patient!

no classes on New and Full moon days

Friday 5th ○ full moon
Sunday 21st ● new moon

Sunday 5th ○ full moon
Monday 20th ● new moon

Monday 3rd ○ full moon
Wednesday 19th ● new moon


Wednesday 2nd ○ full moon
Thursday 17th ● new moon

Thursday 1st ○ full moon
Friday 16th ● new moon
Saturday 31st ○ full moon

Sunday 15th ● new moon
Monday 30th ○ full moon

Monday 14th ● new moon
Wednesday 30th ○ full moon