Teachers and friends that have enriched us… Inspirations we’d like to share!

Pattabhi Jois | Sharath Jois | Parampara

Parampara is lineage, or the succession of teachers. As for the Ashtanga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois collects the knowledge received through Krishnamacharya and founded the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore. Today the institute founded by Pattabhi Jois, now KPJAYI, is under the direction of his grandson Sharath Jois, who is in charge of carrying on with his teachings after his death.

Amanda encountered Sharath in Milan in 2011 and in 2017 her and Giacomo participated to his European tour and went to Copenhagen. For them, the respect for tradition is important and they have always had amazing teachers when it has come to this. Today, while living in the countryside, they feel a live and bigger desire to visit Mysore and to engage with annual visits that allows them to immerge themselves in the place where Ashtanga has its origins.

Gabriele Severini | Ashtanga Yoga Roma | http://www.ashtanga-roma.org/

Gabriele Severini, certified teacher from the KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, teaches in Rome and studies regularly in India since 2002. Giacomo and Amanda travel once per month to his studio as they truly believe their journey needs to be supported by expert hands. Gabriele’s teaching is essential, direct and intense and his humility inspires and brings us closer to the tradition.

Chuck Miller http://www.sama-ashtanga.org/home.html

Chuck was one of the first students of Pattabhi Jois. Amanda and Giacomo attended to one intensive with him and he was instantly revealed to them as a magnificent source of inspiration.  His  steadiness, awareness and grounded approach to Ashtanga captivated them and today they incorporate his teachings daily and are keen to meet him every year!. Plus, Chuck has a multitasking personality, full of resources and surprises: he, like Amanda and Giacomo, loves agriculture and tries to do it in a loving-the-earth way and he also builds he own stuff in his workshop!

We met him again this year for a long intensive in Sweden 🙂

AYP | Ashtanga Yoga Paris | http://www.ashtangayogaparis.fr/

Linda and Gérald are the owners of this beautiful Parisian school. Here Amanda practiced and taught during her 3 year stay in Paris. Here Giacomo learnt to establish a daily routine in Ashtanga. When Linda and Gérald moved to southern France both Amanda and Giacomo continued to practice with Antoine Suplisson and Agata Wasko, two great young teachers! They are thankful for this French experience and to all the links and friends that they have found there and today still present. Thank you L&G!

La Yoga Shala | http://www.ashtanga-yoga.it/

Elena de Martin was Amanda’s first teacher, they met in 2008 at the Milan Yoga Festival and from then she started to attend her classes. Elena was an amazing inspiration source and guide without which Amanda would have not undertaken and continued this path. Moreover, the Yoga Shala was a place to meet and share with a large community of students that to her were family and that today Amanda still honors and remembers with great love.

Liz Carrasquel  | Estudio Samasthitih | Caracas, Venezuela


Amanda met Liz at school when they were kids, but they became real friends later when she was looking for a place to practice when visiting her family in Caracas and found out that Liz was practicing and teaching Ashtanga.  Since then every year she visits her school and meets the other students. Giacomo’s first mysore practices also happened in Caracas with Liz and she was the one who motivated him to memorize the sequence for the first time .

The Samasthitih studio is one of the first places Amanda and Giacomo visit when going to Caracas, a unique place, humble, silent and genuine. ¡Gracias Liz!

Yana e Samuel | https://yanakoyoga.com/

Amanda encountered Yana in Paris, while doing the intesive training with Gérald and Linda and they soon become friends. With Yana, her husband and another friend, Kaisa, they met every Sunday to chant the Patanjali sutras and discuss its content.

Today Yana works at AYP in Paris but any occasion is good to meet with her and Sam!

We also love her malas! Take a look when looking for a gift!

Mira Shihadeh | Ashtanga Yoga Cairo


Amanda met Mira in 2013 during her 4 month-stay working in Cairo. She was spontaneously and quickly welcomed with kindness and started practicing daily at Ashtanga Yoga Cairo with her. Mira introduced Amanda to what today she continues to apply to her practice: the idea of being a permanent beginner. It was an eye-opening approach that made her practice in a different way. AYC is a cosy school in the heart of the Garden City neighborhood in Cairo, where Mira teaches with great attention to all sorts of bodies, personalities, pains and capacities.

Swami Viran   |  http://www.virananandayogaashram.org/

The Virananda Yoga Ashram is an association created to promote one’s personal progress and fulfillment, located in Girona (Spain). Giacomo practiced Hatha Yoga with Viran during his Erasmus exchange (and before starting with Ashtanga) and he was initiated in trascendental meditation. Viran’s teachings were and are still precious thanks to their purity and simplicity. Giacomo continues to practice transcendental meditation daily, dedicating 20 minutes to it every day.