Sharath Jois |

we started to finally go to Mysore on 2018 where we try to go once per year.

India allows us to remain in contact with the sacred and traditional context behind yoga while it informs us on how to stay honest and transparent about what we observe and live when being there on a cultura, political and social level. Sharath Jois has definitely helped us to understanding what this practice is really about and how we can tune it with our psyches and hearts. We use this pilgrimages to cultivate discernment and understanding.

Angela Jamison |

Angela is a great mentor. Her words and spark allow us to reflect, think and study while staying in contact with direct experience. Our discernment is challenged and refined by our relationship with her and we are extremely grateful for her grace and genius.

Chuck Miller 

Chuck’s visions and intuitions around the practice and around the Earth as its container are alive in us. He has been a great resource of inspiration for us to embrace the idea that we should remain beginners and curious.

AYP | Ashtanga Yoga Paris |

Linda and Gérald are the founders of this studio in Paris where Amanda practiced and taught throughout her 3-year-stay in Paris. Here Giacomo learnt to establish a daily Ashtanga practice. Both are until today grateful for the relationship knitted with them still alive and important..

Gabriele Severini |

Gabriele’s teaching is essential, direct and intense. We traveled once a month from 2017 to 2019 to visit him and practice in his shala in Rome.

Dona Holleman |

Approaching the practice through energy and breath, curiosity and openness. These are some of Dona’s great teachings.

Sasha van Aalst | www.sashavanaalst.com

We met Sasha in Mysore and in between one chat and the other we discover many common and fertile grounds that enabled sharing inside and – luckily – outside of our mats. Sasha is an artist of simple lines and warm images filled with details and stillness. She teaches in Amsterdam and we take care of our communities in tune to a point where or work almost melts together. There is deep and playful exchange going on between our sister shalas.

Katerina Vangelidi | https://chandrayoga.gr/en/homepage/

Half greek, half finnish: Katerina was another beautiful indian discovery even if she is not really indian. After bumping into each other continously in the line for practice in Mysore we ended up eating together, rest is history: cool friendship that engages through sharing, traveling and love. She teaches in Athens in a small shala she takes care of with love.

Yana e Samuel | https://yanakoyoga.com/

Liz Carrasquel  | Estudio Samasthitih | Caracas, Venezuela

Mira Shihadeh | Ashtanga Yoga Cairo | https://www.facebook.com/ashtangayogacairo/

Swami Viran   |  http://www.virananandayogaashram.org