movimento centrato ASD


“Movimento Centrato ASD” is a sport association in gymnastics, founded in 2018 to promote the body’s physical movement as a tool for health and personal growth.

The continuous practice of gymnastics permits a general improvement of physical prowess and health in the practitioner. (American College of Sports Medicine)

Moreover, when gymnastics is practiced with presence and attention, it increases proprioception, fundamental for a maintaining a good posture and avoiding injury.

Movimento Centrato welcomes people of any age and provenance, favouring inclusion as a guide principle of its mission.


Yoga  is an holistic discipline embodying a spiritual approach to life and cannot be misunderstood as mere physical activity. Besides posture (asana) the eight limbs of yoga comprehend behavioural and moral precepts (yama and niyama), the control of vital energy (pranayama), the withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and enlightenment (samadhi).
Within the yoga tradition, especially in modern times, major importance has been given to the asana practice, chosen as the starting point for the yoga student. The practice of the asanas invigorates body and mind, purifies the body from toxins and gives access to a general state of health. That said, benefits are far from being only physical.
In the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, postures are precisely ordered according to their difficulty, preparing the body to go through different movements and phases, where the breath has plays an important role to support these movements.
Movimento Centrato’s practice can fit anyone from athletes to sedentary people, from young to elders. 

Only members can attend classes at Movimento Centrato. You become a member once you have proceed with the payment of the membership fee and your application request is accepted. In order to practiceit is mandatory to present a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activity. Anyone who shares the institutional mission of the association is welcome.



  1. Fill in the application request you can find in our headquarter.
  2. Pay the membership fee of 18 euro.
  3. Present a copy of the medical certificate of fitness for non-competitive sports activity.
  4. Come and practice.